Menorah Foundation School

Menorah Foundation School


At Menorah Foundation School, the practice of Shacharis, the morning prayer, is a cornerstone of our daily routine, setting a spiritual tone for the day ahead. It takes precedence over all other activities. Special additions, such as Hallel and Mussaf, enrich the prayer service on Rosh Chodesh and Chanukah.

Our prayer curriculum is underpinned by a series of core objectives:

  1. To instil in the children a love and enjoyment of davening.
  2. To instil in the children the importance of davening with devotion.
  3. To make davening an integral part of the daily life of every Jew.
  4. To stress the benefits of turning to Hashem in any situation.
  5. To encourage our children to understand what each part of their tefilla is talking about.
  6. To give children the confidence to lead davening, E.g. leading Hallel for the class on Rosh Chodesh.

Each class dedicates 20 minutes to davening after morning registration, ensuring consistency and structure (as outlined in our Tefilloh curriculum). We are committed to introducing Tefilloh to our children from when they start at school to promote fluency and familiarity with both the words and melodies of the prayers, progressively introducing new prayers as children advance through their education.

All these points are to lead our children fostering a deeper connection and feeling of Hakoras Hatoiv, recognising all the good we receive in our day to day lives and truly LIVE their Yidishkeit!