Menorah Foundation School

Menorah Foundation School

General Knowledge

General knowledge is integral to the education at Menorah Foundation School, weaving through our curriculum from Nursery to Year 6, and is vital for shaping well-rounded, informed individuals.

Weekly Parsha studies are a staple, with each year group revisiting the foundational stories and progressively delving into more complex details. Midrashim are judiciously incorporated to provide context and depth without overwhelming the children. The narrative is delivered orally, tailored to the age and understanding of the students. In the early years, this involves interactive methods like role-playing, crafts, and practical applications of moral lessons. As children mature, they begin to articulate D’var Torah and discuss Parsha questions at the Shabbos table, promoting family engagement and discussion.

Our approach to general knowledge, Yediah Kelolis, is categorized into daily matters (עניני דיומא) and oral tradition (עניני בעל פה). Prior to each Jewish festival, children review the previous year's material and learn new aspects, ensuring they understand a Yom Tov/Chag’s history, Midrashim, laws, customs, and contemporary significance.

In the realm of oral tradition, we emphasize the reinforcement of prior learning while introducing new concepts each year. The syllabus is taught using engaging methods like songs and chants, especially for younger students, and the order of topics is at the teacher's discretion. Assessment of this knowledge is multifaceted, including written work, quizzes, and oral presentations.

To aid retention, audiovisual resources are utilised, and we also utilise a bespoke Halacha curriculum into our general knowledge sessions. This comprehensive approach to general knowledge ensures that our children leave with a deeper understanding of their heritage and are prepared to live, not just as more knowledgeable individuals, but also have a deeper appreciation with unique perspectives of their religious practises and identity.