Menorah Foundation School

Menorah Foundation School


Menorah Foundation School places great importance on teaching Kodesh handwriting, starting from Reception. Our initial focus is on block script, which aligns with the characters children encounter in their early reading. We view handwriting not just as a skill but as a critical aid in reinforcing reading proficiency.


As children advance into Year 1, they begin to learn script handwriting, with the first set of letters introduced throughout the year, and the remaining taught in Year 2. Custom script workbooks developed by our school enable students to practice and perfect their letter formation. By the end of Year 2, pupils are expected to not only master the basics but also start to develop their personal handwriting style, in keeping with the school’s handwriting policy.


Beyond Year 2, handwriting becomes an essential component of all written assignments. In some classes, this is incorporated into Chumash studies, where children have the opportunity to translate Rashi script into ordinary script. This practice serves to enhance their understanding and reading of Rashi script while also allowing them to hone their regular script handwriting. Handwriting proficiency is evaluated once per term to ensure consistent progress.


Overall, our Hebrew Handwriting Programme is designed to develop meticulous handwriting skills in our children, supporting their academic journey and fostering a deep connection with their heritage.